About us

VTUK is the UK’s leading independent property software company and developers of Openview.

Founded in 1989

Our award-winning software, widely acknowledged as setting the industry standard, is used by over 1200 agents nationwide. Our products are bespoke, with specific software solutions for each distinct group of property professional, including lettings and management agents, estate agents, councils, housing associations and much more.


Openview is your forever software.

A fully automated, innovative, multi-dimensional, cloud-based solution, for the property industry, developed over 30 years to be a beautifully crafted, data driven and intuitive platform.

Openview gives you complete control and transparency with always on communications. Providing a total quality experience to build the relationships that matter to enable you to grow. Our UK based team, not only give you in person support, but provide the analysis you need.

Our goal is your success, by ensuring you exceed the aspirations of your business and expectations of your clients.