Contractor Communication

Whether it’s your plumber, electrician or painter, communicating with your contractors is often a tricky process. We’ve outlined several things you should consider to achieve effective contractor communication.

1 Plan 

Plan your communication with contractors before you begin the tenancy, making sure they understand the responsibility they are undertaking. Should they be a company working on your behalf, ensure you have a point of contact you can call easily.

2 The Process

Ensure you communicate with all your contractors in a similar fashion. Establishing a process of communication will allow your rentals to flow allowing you delivering outstanding customer service. Think about using Openview’s online portal, allowing all parties, contractors, landlords and tenants, to communicate instantly, giving you a seamless communication process. Think about using private social networks such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Facebook to establish a personal connection with your contractors too.

3 Repair Reporting 

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Sometimes you need your contractors to fix a repair ASAP. Give your tenants a tool they can use to report repairs to you instantly, online, allowing you to then pass the repair on to the contractor providing them with information they need to carry out the repair. Tech such as Openview’s Task Manager allows you to do this.

4 Records 

Keeping a record of your communication between contractors is key, especially if a dispute between your tenant occurs. Openview automatically keeps an audit trail of all your activity between contractors.demo (1)Discover Openview property software, call 0800 328 0460, email or visit